Art Club & Lottery

At modernafricanart, it is our philosophy that everyone should have the opportunity to experience and enjoy art. Art which is one of the great humanising forces of the world is a universal language that communicates without words. Inspired by this philosophy, modernafricanart has created an art club which allows people regardless of budget constraint to enjoy and experience our art while supporting the rich tradition of African art.

As a member of the art club, you get an insight into the African art scene from a modernafricanart perspective. Along with the many benefits such as a free original artwork & taking part in the yearly lottery, members get to follow and support contemporary art in Africa.

6 great benefits of a membership in our art club are:

  • a free original artwork in your welcome package (this alone is worth more than the membership cost)
  • 10% discount on all modernafricanart art purchases
  • chance to win something for almost nothing in our yearly lottery
  • invitation to art openings and other activities
  • modernafricanart news updates
  • interest free payment instalments


A membership in modernafricanart’s art club cost 595 sek per year and a pay-once-only joining fee of 100 sek. So for your first year membership subscription you pay 695 sek and for the following years you pay 595 sek. Payment can be made directly into our bank giro number 248-9334. International members can make bank payments to BIC: SWEDSESS, IBAN: SE95 8000 0807 9607 4135 5887. Please include “artclub” and your name as the reference. Oops! don’t forget to send us an email on artlottery[at]modernafricanart[dot]com with your contact details so that we can send you your welcome pack. Please allow 1 – 2 weeks from receipt of payment to process your membership request.

Membership in modernafricanart’s art club is open to all art lovers and supporters of African art.

What are you waiting for? Join now on artlottery[at]modernafricanart[dot]com