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Turning Torso

modernafricanart shows its collection of contemporary African rugs at the exclusive Turning Torso Gallery, Malmö, Sweden

Alfa Laval AB

modernafricanart shows its collection of contemporary African paintings and rugs at the pleasant premises of Alfa Laval AB, Lund, Sweden

Tetra Pak AB

modernafricanart shows its collection of contemporary african art and rugs at the delightful premises of Tetra Pak AB, Lund, Sweden.

BTJ Nordic AB

modernafricanart shows its collection of contemporary African art at the lovely premises of BTJ Nordic AB, Lund, Sweden

Mäklarhuset, Hellborg & Partners

modernafricanart in collaboration with Mäklarhuset, shows its collection of contemporary African art at the charming premises of Mäklarhuset Hellborg & Partners, Lund, Sweden

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“modernafricanart launches incomparable line of fine African rugs. The art form that inspired and captivated artists Picasso, Matisse, van Gogh and Gauguin is now finding its way to the floors of many homes in a collection that is the first of its kind”.
modernafricanart press release November 2008

“The concept of art in interior design means the use of art as an important tool in the design of interiors whether living or working ……… A home defines who you are and how you want to live. By choosing art you like, you are able to reinforce these feelings and put your personality stamp on your home”.
Metro Bostad Nybyggt 04 April 2008

“Art at work – a profibatble business! One can create an incredibly exciting atmosphere at work…it signals that the company will go the extra mile to provide quality service. As well as having a more energetic tempo at work, both employees and clients gain an enriching cultural experience.”
Sydsvenska Affärer June 2007

“Good art should be available to everyone….art rentals to companies and art lotteries make this possible.”
Sydsvenska Dagbladet, 08 May, 2007

“A selection of artists from Nigeria will show contemporary African art using various techniques. One thing they have in common is their form of expression – a warm and vibrant interplay of colour. Africa’s culture and tradition with a modern approach.”
Utsikt Lund, 2007

“Colour and warmth in contrast to the light simple Scandinavian style… The exhibition is also a contrast to traditional African art. The artists are far from unknown. Bruce Onobrakpeya is represented in Skissernas Museum’s African Art Collection. He has exhibited in Malmö and Lund to mention a few.”
Sydsvenska Dagbladet, March 2006

“Art will kill the myth. African art doesn’t only consist of sculptures, ceramics and masks. Swedish minimalism needs a touch of colour and warmth. This is a perfect combination.”
Lokaltidningen Lund, March 2006

We have had the pleasure of serving many distinguished clients. Here are a few:

Mäklarhuset, Hellborg & Partners
”The art has transformed our office into an exciting and inspiring meeting place for our clients, staff and visitors. It has been a great marketing tool as we have been able to reach a new client base. It also complements our traditional Scanian building from the 1700s, which goes to show that the art and art providers at modernafricanart can work wonders with any space.”
Gisela Thulin, Joint Owner Mäklarhuset Hellborg & Partners

BTJ Nordic AB
”Thank you for an excellent exhibition of paintings and rugs. The exhibition gave us the possibility to come in contact with artists from another part of the world which ordinarily would not be possible for us. modernafricanart has therefore filled a huge gap. We wish you great success.”
Hans Nilsson, Chairman BTJ Art Club, Lund

Hotel Duxiana Lund

Tetra Pak AB
“Thank you for a superb exhibition and a very enjoyable presentation of all the artists to Tetra Pak’s Art Association.”
Britt Björkenstam, Tetra Pak Art Association, Lund
“Incredibly good exhibtion – far too many things one would like to have”
Pia Widner, Tetra Pak Art Association, Lund

Alfa Laval AB
One doesn’t have many opportunities to see African art in Skåne (Scania), I therefore greatly appreciate modernafricanart’s exhibition at Alfa Laval…….Personally, I like everything and there is so much one would like to have. Incredibly beautiful paintings and fantastic rugs – it has been a unique experience!
Hanna Chakkour, Alfa Laval Art Association, Lund

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