Art rentals

The art rental programme gives organisations the opportunity to have art at work for a small fee. Although art is now a familiar sight in the workplace, often it is only used as a decorative component. Art can also be a potent and influential tool for businesses. Regardless of what your budget allows, with careful planning your organisation can take advantage of art’s many benefits and add value to your investment. The benefits of art in the work place are endless; they include:

  • art improves your surroundings and stimulate creative thinking
  • art provides cultural benefits for your employees and shows your commitment to their enrichment
  • art increases your visibility and helps you reach new audiences
  • art enhances your public image and promotes goodwill for your organisation
  • art conveys your values, visions and ideas to your clients, visitors, employees and the communities you serve.


The art rental programme provides 2 types of rentals:

  • Short-term rentals for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months & 6 months are available. This is particularly suitable for home styling, advertising & film agencies
  • Long-term rentals are available for 1 year periods.


There are many benefits to our art rental programme in comparison to an outright purchase:

  • No huge upfront purchase costs
  • By changing the art regularly, you can constantly update the look and feel of your offices instead of been stuck with the same art year in year out
  • Tax efficient investment as rental costs can be reduced from revenues and have no tax liability
  • Gives you the opportunity to “try” your art before buying it.
  • If you chose to buy the art after the rental period, your rental payments are taken into account to arrive at a discounted purchase price


Our approach is quick, friendly and professional and is made up of 3 simple steps:

Step 1 – Consultation
modernafricanart will be delighted to visit you at your premises to understand your needs and present what we do.

Step 2 – Proposal
modernafricanart then presents a rental package aimed to meet your space, budget and timescale.

Step 3 – Installation
After a suitable package has been approved by the client, the art is delivered and installed at the client’s premises.

Contact: artrentals[at]modernafricanart[dot]com