The Inexpensive Instant Home Make-over: Investing in 8×10 Area Rugs

Posted on: June 12th, 2013 by webadmin

The secret to updating your home decor isn’t remodeling or spending a lot

of money. One of the quickest and easiest ways to update the interior of

your home is by purchasing an 8×10 area rug. Whether you prefer

contemporary homes, Victorian mansions, modern apartments, or rustic

cabins-an area rug is a great decorating piece for any room.


Area rugs are available in various shapes; including square, rectangular,

hexagon, octagon, oval, and round. With the wide range of rug materials,

styles, designs, and shapes that are out there, you’re sure to find

something that is just right for your decor.


The materials used to make area rugs are both natural and synthetic.

Natural materials include: wool, cotton, jute, and sisal. Synthetic materials

are made from things like polypropylene/olefin and nylon.


There are also different methods used to make area rugs; including handknotted, flat-woven, hooked, and machine-made.



There are many different styles that you can choose from, such as: Persian,

Oriental, Tibetan, African, Southwestern, shag, Flokati, contemporary,

braided, and animal prints. As well as custom kitchen area rugs, children’s

rugs, indoor-outdoor rugs and rug runners for halls or stairs. With this in

mind, when the time comes for you to pick an area rug ask yourself these



How much foot traffic will the area rug get and do you have children or



Do you want a rug to fit in with your existing furniture or will you update

your furniture to go with the area rug?


Do you want the rug to draw attention to some part of the room or to

create a new theme?


Will the rug be used for artistic expression or to personalize your



Do you want a rug that will last for decades and become a family


Once you have purchased your rug, knowing how to care for it is very

important. Here’s some helpful hints about cleaning and maintenance:


To maintain good quality area rugs, they need to be flipped and vacuumed

on both sides every six months. Steam machines should not be used on

area rugs as the detergent used in those machines are too harsh for most

area rug material. While different materials require different care, there are

some basic tips for dealing with spills and accidents. The first is never rub,

blot the excess fluid with a clean cloth. Once all the excess has been

picked up, depending on the size of the stain, a little club soda will also

help. Vinegar is really great to use and keeps the colors from running. You

can clean the entire wool rug with a little vinegar and water.


So, with all of this in mind, choosing an 8×10 area rug for your household is

an easy and affordable way to update your decor. With the many selections

that are available to suit your taste, investing in a well-made 8×10 area rug

can immediately add style and enhance any home, dorm, or office and give

it an instant makeover.